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Verdun Published on 10/01/2020

Why did the French army win?
Colonel (r) Claude FRANC

Methodically, throughout the book, Claude Franc attempts to literally "dissect" the plans (attack plans for the Germans, defense plans for the French) of the belligerents around Verdun, and the methods of their implementation. Point by point, he examines the organisation of the command, the friction between the different hierarchical levels, the conceptions of some and the decisions of others.

Presentation of the 2019 EARTH GUARDPublished on 18/10/2019

Général d’armée Thierry Burkhard

We live in a world of opportunity and high instability, where crises are increasingly sudden and brutal. The use of force is once again becoming the preferred means of settling disputes between States, echoing the weakening of the multilateral system. Geopolitical and climatic disturbances are responding to each other. Military competition complements and exacerbates economic competition by widening the scope of conflict.

The exercise of command in the ArmyPublished on 08/01/2019

Ministère de la défense
Etat-major de l'armée de Terre

Commander n’est pas inné même si l’exercice peut être facilité par desprédispositions naturelles.

So Belka, you don't bark anymore?Published on 18/12/2018

Earth Thought Notebooks

Disturbing and sometimes disturbing, this almost confidential book tells an almost unknown episode of the Second World War: "Nobody knows these things anymore...", writes the author... by Professor Françoise THIBAUT.

Support for defence policyPublished on 27/11/2018

Ordinary session 2018-2019
Par MM. Joël GUERRIAU et Gilbert ROGER, Sénateurs

Opinion presented on behalf of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and the Armed Forces on the draft budget bill, ADOPTED BY THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY, for 2019

Joint Support and LogisticsPublished on 21/11/2018

Finance bill for 2019
Mr le député Claude DE GANAY

The 2019 budget bill (PLF) increases support. In all, nearly €5.3 billion in payment appropriations excluding staff expenditure will be allocated to them in 2019, an increase of 6.9% compared to 2018. The draftsman of the opinion can only welcome a budget that matches the ambition of the Military Planning Law (LPM) 2019-2025. Beyond the figures, this satisfaction nevertheless deserves to be tempered.

The alliance of meaning and strengthPublished on 24/10/2018

The exercise of the profession of arms in the Army
Le général chef d’état-major de l’armée de Terre

This Army document is singular. It is not a work of international law, even if it sometimes uses language related to it. Nor is it a work of morality, even though it is based on a religious and philosophical tradition within which our conception of war originated and took shape. Finally, it is not a document of doctrine, nor is it a code of conduct that is valid under any circumstances, even though it lays down a number of timeless military values and virtues. Rather, it is a document of reflection written by soldiers for soldiers of an army that has reached the maturity of its professionalization. It looks humbly at the foundations and principles of a specific profession: that of the service of arms, the questions it raises and the dilemmas it raises.

Proposal for a law on the renovation of the national universal servicePublished on 21/09/2018

Marianne DUBOIS

Ladies and gentlemen,

Since the commitment made to the French people by Emmanuel Macron, the candidate for President of the Republic, a number of institutions and actors in society have produced their contributions on this subject. Of all these contributions, the one we made with my colleague Emilie Guerel, as part of the fact-finding mission on universal national service by the Committee on National Defence and the Armed Forces, has been very well received by both civil society (educational and associative in particular) and the military.

The present bill is the result of this work.

Life of military members and their families by locationPublished on 22/08/2018

Ministère des Armées

... military settlements are more dispersed and living, employment and housing conditions more heterogeneous. This territorial conditioning has an impact on the military condition may be more pronounced because of the mobility imposed by a military career and its consequences on housing, employment of the spouse or schooling of the children ...

The Memoirs of Marshal Mannerheim (1882-1946) Published on 09/07/2018

Translated and adapted by Jean-Louis Perret
Stagiaire CDEC/PEP

The objective of this sheet is to understand how the use of a particular fighting technique such as "Motti" in a wooded, snowy and frozen environment, with its inherent advantages, can be used to improve the quality of the fight.The objective of this sheet is to understand how the use of a particular fighting technique such as "Motti" in a wooded, snowy and frozen environment, with its integration in a long-term battle strategy, makes it possible to compensate for numerical and operational inferiority, according to Marshal Mannerheim's personal observations.