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Cyber defence Published on 21/08/2018


Could a logical succession of 0 and 1 within a binary computer code tomorrow cause as much damage as a naval cruise missile or a shell fired from a Caesar gun by rendering military equipment, materials or infrastructure unusable? Will a virus with systemic effects, through the massive disruption it will cause, lead to the death of human beings, including civilians? As highlighted in the Strategic Review of Cyber Defence published in February 2018 by the General Secretariat for Defence and National Security (SGDSN) : "It is likely that a cyber attack of this nature [acts of blocking or sabotaging computer systems] will one day have lethal consequences. »

European armaments cooperation 4/4Published on 12/05/2018

The conditions for successful European cooperation
Cour des comptes

Better consistency between orders and budget resources

Unable to ensure coherence in the long term between the capability ambitions of military programming laws and the trajectory of the forces' capital budget, the State has too often been forced to make short-term budgetary savings.

European armaments cooperation 3/4Published on 11/05/2018

Review of the main armaments programmes in European cooperation
Cour des comptes

In 2017 the Court examined six major cooperative ventures, including four programmes producing complete weapons systems (A400M aircraft, TIGRE and NH90 helicopter, FREMM frigate). The military characteristics are sometimes better than expected 4 , but also sometimes insufficient because of the technological difficulties encountered by manufacturers in meeting demand 5 .

European armaments cooperation 1/4Published on 09/05/2018

an important issue, choices to be made
Cour des comptes

At a time when military spending is increasing everywhere in the world except in Western Europe, the October 2017 Strategic Review on Defence and National Security promotes European armaments cooperation as a key to strategic autonomy. Three effects of international cooperation can contribute to this:

. the interoperability of national armies ;

. the sharing of the costs of expensive and innovative equipment;

. support for the European defence industry.

Le soldat augmenté - Les cahiers de la revue défense nationalePublished on 08/05/2018

The needs and prospects for increasing the capabilities of the combatant
Général de division Frédéric BLACHON - Ingénieur de recherche Gérard DE BOISBOISSEL

Scientific and technical progress and the current convergence of nanotechnologies, biotechnologies, informatics and cognitive sciences (NBIC) are opening up unprecedented opportunities for building human capacities, both physical and intellectual. Civil society is well aware of this, as it sees the new perspectives that this revolution can bring about for humanity, enabling it to become an actor in its own condition, and thus try to overcome its physical and physiological limits.

The armies of the Arab monarchies in the Gulf are undergoing a major transformation...Published on 05/05/2018

IFRI - Strategic Focus, No. 80, May 2018

The armies of the Gulf monarchies have historically played only a subsidiary role in their national security strategy. As their combat capability ultimately remained very limited, the security of these states came more from international policies that were heavily fuelled by major arms acquisitions.

137 Nuances of terrorismPublished on 10/04/2018

The jihadists of France in the face of justice

This study, based on original judicial sources, analyses the profiles and backgrounds of 137 individuals convicted in France in jihadism cases. It shows that these individuals are characterised by a lower level of education and professional integration, a higher degree of poverty, a higher involvement in crime and a closer relationship with the Maghreb and sub-Saharan Africa than the average French population.

Place of the SNU in the education of citizensPublished on 09/03/2018

Reflection circle G2S - n°21

Shen questioning the scope of the universal national service (UNS), it is above all a question of its deep purpose and the adequacy of its implementation for this purpose: what are the answers it will have to provide to achieve the objectives that the policy will set for it?

The universal national service, what will it take for France?Published on 08/03/2018

Reflection circle G2S - n°21
GDI (2S) Jean-Claude ALLARD

Le GDI (2S) Jean-Claude ALLARD believes that the SNU is a bad answer to the ills of our youth. Broadly embracing the actions to be taken,

porr him "school is the first fight".

Another response, universal civil servicePublished on 07/03/2018

Reflection circle G2S - n°21
Général (2S) Hubert BODIN

An the end, is the UNS the right response to the objectives pursued? Not for General (2S) Hubert BODIN qui advocates for a renewed form of civic service.