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Some considerations on the medical aspect of the universal national servicePublished on 06/03/2018

Reflection circle G2S - n°21
MGI (2S) Raymond WEY

Sne area in which the nostalgia generated by the suspension of the National Service in 1997 has led to a near consensus is that of health. What did we hear then about the loss of epidemiological information on young men or the early detection of pathologies hitherto unknown to those concerned? All these regrets were well-founded, even if they only concerned the male half of an age group.

Harmonization, adaptation and legal coherence: an urgent need for the United Nations systemPublished on 05/03/2018

Reflection circle G2S - n°21
GCA (2S) Philippe RENARD

Compulsory universal national service and sociological reality of the Nation

Since its creation by the Jourdan and Delbrel law in 1798, the universal military service has not ceased to evolve according to the vicissitudes of the French Revolution.The aim is to have, at all times, a mass of armed citizens trained and educated to defend the integrity of national borders.

Is SNU's leadership within our reach?Published on 04/03/2018

Reflection circle G2S - n°21

One of the key elements that will condition the feasibility of universal national service (UNS) is that of staffing.

The short analysis that follows is simply intended to establish a few orders of magnitude and to evaluate, as a first approach, the part that the armies could take, focusing on the summer period, which should be the most delicate to manage.

Apart from the starting point (number of personnel in an age group), the figures that follow are neither official nor scientific in nature;they are the result of reasoning and calculation hypotheses that are necessarily questionable; they must be handled with circumspection .

Universal national service and military servicePublished on 03/03/2018

Reflection circle G2S - n°21
GCA (2S) Jean-Claude THOMANN

There is great concern about the future of our country and its ability to "live together", with all citizens sharing what are commonly referred to as "republican values". We will not return here to the diagnosis, which is widely referred to in this dossier. On the other hand, with regard to the treatment of the evil that affects the component of our nation that is its greatest wealth, in this case its youth, it seems urgent to put an end to the fantasy of the concept of universal national service as currently advocated by certain politicians who would like to make it a (pale) replica of the former military service, obviously entrusted for the most part to the military institution.

Why entrusting armies with the supervision of universal national service is not appropriatePublished on 02/03/2018

Reflection circle G2S - n°21
Général d’armée (2S) Jean-Marie FAUGÈRE

SThere is no longer any question of resuming compulsory military service, since France no longer knows its enemy since the Soviet threat disappeared.4In the light of the fact that a significant proportion of young people are in a state of confusion about the challenge posed to society by the situation of a significant proportion of its young people, the plan to entrust the armed forces with the supervision of the future universal national service is a response to a certain confusion of minds in the face of the challenge posed to society by the situation of a significant proportion of its young people.

A universal national service for what?Published on 01/03/2018

Reflection circle G2S - n°21
Général (2S) Dominique TRINQUAND

"The strength of the city lies neither in its walls nor in its ships, but in the character of its citizens. Thucydides

In the particularly tense context of the fight against jihadist terrorism, the risk for France is not so much that we will not be able to win outside our borders or to ward off attacks on national territory, but rather that we will witness a break-up of our society due to a lack of social cohesion. This is the major objective of radical Islamism. Society as a whole must be aware of the defence and security issues facing our country, and be a full-fledged player in them. Beyond its armed forces alone, the country must be able to count on moral forces.

By way of summaryPublished on 28/02/2018

Reflection circle G2S - n°21
Général de corps d’armée (2S) Alain BOUQUIN

Che dossier on the universal national service is one of those that the G2S would like to conclude by giving its reader a definitive and argued point of view on the subject. This will not be the case this time. Indeed, while the general objective to be attained is more or less clear, centred on strengthening the sense of belonging to the same nation, the methods for achieving it are still at the reflection stage. Thus, apart from a few rare certainties, many questions remain open...

Defence Budget 2017Published on 30/05/2017

By General Jean-Pierre Guiochon
général Jean-Pierre Guiochon

This document is intended for the information of G2S members: its purpose is to provide an update on the budget allocated for 2017 to the Ministry of Defence.

It is based mainly on the documents produced at the end of 2016, including the PAP (annual performance project), and on those of the Senate and the National Assembly drawn up as part of the preparatory work for the vote on the 2017 finance bill, in particular the minutes of the parliamentary hearings of the CEMAT. It takes into account a few more precise figures provided by the stakeholders involved.

Although this information is not confidential, this letter is not intended to be exported outside the circle of members of our association.

Survivability on the battlefieldPublished on 16/05/2017

between technology and maneuvering

The concept of survivability is today at the heart of the development of combat vehicles and the doctrine for the use of armed forces.

Engaging through the penPublished on 02/05/2017

The word to the youth

"What am I if I don't participate? I need, to be, to participate. »

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, War Pilot, 1942.

More than ever, the world we know is changing and transforming. Balances are being upset, whether in terms of politics, geopolitics or the economy, making the game on the world stage very uncertain and complex.