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Taking inspiration from nomadism? Published on 09/03/2021
Commandant Fiona BURLOT
From Black Flags to Boxers: Thinking the Irregular Enemy in the Tonkin and China CampaignsPublished on 04/03/2021
Monsieur Jean-Philippe GIRAUD
"Na rodina" - "For the Fatherland": the new place of the officer in Russian societyPublished on 02/03/2021
Mademoiselle Maëlle MARQUANT
André Malraux and the warrior spiritPublished on 25/02/2021
Colonel (er) Claude FRANC
The "increased" soldier: what are the stakes for the army?Published on 23/02/2021
Sous-lieutenant (R) Gaspard SCHNITZLER
Counter-insurgency-proof technologyPublished on 18/02/2021
le Chef de bataillon Émilie PICOT
The part of ideology in the campaigns of the Revolution and the Empire or what drives the soldier to go to battle? Published on 18/02/2021
Lieutenant-colonel Georges Housset
The soldier of the future: what technologies for what kind of warrior?Published on 18/02/2021
Chef de bataillon (R) Guillaume LASCONJARIAS
Young citizens and the profession of arms: what prospects for 2035?Published on 11/02/2021
Commandant (R) Pascal LE PAUTREMAT
The spiritual motivations of the fighterPublished on 09/02/2021
capitaine (R) Xavier BONIFACE