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Plea for major effectPublished on 27/03/2018

Cahiers de la pensée mili-Terre No. 43

The title of this article dispenses with any commentary....even if the author recognizes real qualities to the methods of reflection used by NATO. It could also be entitled: "For the maintenance of a form of exigency in tactical thinking at all levels of command".

Night combatPublished on 27/03/2018

or the need to stay one step ahead
capitaine (TA) Jérôme COPPOLANI

October 6, 1952 evening, Arrowhead Hill, Korea. Preceded by the firing of 8,000 shells falling on hill 281 alone, held by the French contingent, the assault of the enemy forces is launched. Despite intense artillery preparation and overcrowding, the UN troops, fighting with bayonets and grenades, resisted and managed to prevent the Sino-Korean coalition from attacking in the direction of Seoul.

Japanese military supremacy: the fall of MalaysiaPublished on 26/03/2018

mili-Terre thought book n°50
le Capitaine (Air) (R) Jonathan Jay MOURTONT

The Empire of the Rising Sun soon took possession of various territories in Southeast Asia, with operations that began on November 10, 1941 with an air raid on Malaysia. The capture of Malaysia, carried out shortly before the attack on Pearl Harbor, had been prepared for a long time. Captain (Air)Mourtont Jonathan Jay shows how intelligence and influence were indispensable to launch an operation of this magnitude.

Deep roots of the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and the LevantPublished on 22/03/2018

Cahiers de la pensée mili-Terre No. 43
le Chef de bataillon TRÉGUIER

On 29 June 2014, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Head of the Islamic State (EI), conferred on himself the title of Caliph, a term that has been unusual for almost a century. The author searches the history of the Arab-Muslim world for precedents that shed light on the actions of the Islamic state. He wishes to show that this self-proclaimed caliphate is more in line with the radicalization of political Islam than with the caliphate tradition.

Russia's strategies and practices of influencePublished on 21/03/2018

Institute of Strategic Research of the Military School

This study is the first step in a reflection on the sources and modalities of Russian influence. It begins with a comparative analysis of the notion of influence at the political and military level and defines the Russian conception of "information warfare" and "irregular warfare".

The style of command in armies since the 18th century: developments and perspectives for command conceptsPublished on 20/03/2018

Cahiers de la pensée mili-Terre n° 49
le Chef d’escadrons Christophe MAURIN, le Chef de bataillon Vincent LEHMULLER, le Chef d’escadron Rémy JAILLET, Madame Géraldine

Building on the lessons of military history, and while several trends The tactical commanders' sense of initiative could be stifled by contemporary tactical commanders, Ms Géraldine Soulié, Squadron Leader Christophe Maurin, Battalion Commander Vincent Lehmuller and Squadron Leader Rémy Jaillet consider it appropriate toto undertake a determined action to consolidate today the culture of command by objectives in the Army because this style favours speed in decision making, a major factor in the domination of the adversary.

They propose a crossover between "command style in armies" and "managerial transformations in companies", taking the case of the Renault™ group as an example.

Qatar: Between ambitions and paradoxesPublished on 20/03/2018

Cahiers de la pensée mili-Terre No. 43
le Chef d’escadron Didier LUCAS

Qatar and its foreign policy are a source of questioning for the Western world. This article paints a portrait of a ÉThis State, with its considerable economic resources, has managed to establish itself over the last 15 years as one of the main players in the Near and Middle East and on the international scene, but is still struggling to achieve and maintain a lasting balance.

The US-made African army in the Horn of Africa: what result? Published on 06/03/2018

Cahiers de la pensée mili-Terre n° 44
le Chef d’escadron VATINEL

Based on the American concept of "leadership from behind" or "leadership in retreat", the author takes stock of ten years of US military presence in the Horn of Africa. Recalling that the training activities of the American army are comparable to those carried out by the French army for a long time. This training raises the question of the nature of Western military support to African countries. What is the best compromise between direct engagement and efficient training?

Egypt's Influence in the Arab World TodayPublished on 01/03/2018

Cahiers de la pensée mili-Terre n° 44
le Capitaine CAMPANER

Today, while Egypt is still and undeniably a major Arab regional, cultural and military power, with restored political power, it is still riddled with demographic, economic and security weaknesses..

"To arms citizens!": war and finance, politics and sovereignty...Published on 27/02/2018

Cahiers de la pensée mili-Terre n° 44
le Lieutenant-colonel Christophe de LIGNIVILLE

The worrying situation of French public finances has long seemed to make the military and budgetary issues irreconcilable. At a time when the security of the citizen and the defence of the nation have regained a central place in the public debate, it seems appropriate to improve understanding of the defence-budget-sovereignty relationship.