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NEW : Newsletter L'ECLAIREUR N°31

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"Russian MOD, Industries Highlight Artillery Rockets Advancement

Defense Update, August 23, 2020

"First batch of latest Armata tanks to arrive for Russian Troops"

TASS, August 31, 2020.

"Lockheed Martin receives 187.5 million for mesh network of 10 small satellites."

Defence blog, September 1, 2020.

"Ukraine adopts Neptune coastal defense missile"

Jane's, August 27, 2020

"Army 2020: Kronshtadt unveils small air-launched munitions for UAVs.

Jane's, September 2, 2020

"Steadicopter unveils Black Eagle 25E and 50E electric-powered VTOL drones

Defense news, September 1, 2020

"British Army trialling hybrid-electric drive systems"

Army technology, August 20, 2020

"Signing of a new cooperation agreement between the CNRS and the Defence Innovation Agency".

Ministry of the Armed Forces, 10 September 2020

"Innovation, a top priority of the Ministry of the Armed Forces"

Ministry of the Armed Forces, September 8, 2020

"General Gerasimov's Russian concept of "new generation warfare": what use for the army? »

Foundation for Strategic Research (FRS), 29 July 2020

"Burnt by the Digital Sun: How the Information Environment Is Testing the Mettle of Liberal Democracies."

Zhanna MALEKOS SMITH, CSIS Research Associate, Center for Strategic and International Studies, August 2020

"Is Russian Meddling as Dangerous as We Think?"

Joshua YAFFA, Moscow correspondent for The New Yorker, The New Yorker, September 7, 2020.

"The British Army Should Seek to Retain an Armoured Capability."

Nick REYNOLDS, RUSI Research Fellow, Royal United Services Institute, September 7, 2020.

"1670 - 2020: The Invalids from yesterday to today"

Army Museum

" 150 years ago, the War of 1870 "

Ministry of the Armed Forces, 1st September 2020

Title : NEW : Newsletter L'ECLAIREUR N°31
Author (s) : CDEC - PEP