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Operational readiness

Au contact letter n° 52

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Be ready! These two words summarize the primary responsibility of the Army Chief of Staff. The aim of operational readiness is to guarantee the Army Chief of Staff trained, combat-capable land forces, in any place, at any time, whatever the mission entrusted.

The return of war to Europe validates the hardening of operational readiness initiated several years ago. Consequently, realism and intensity characterize the training phases, " train as you fight ": this is the principle of the augmented joint operational preparation developed by the Army, in particular in its training centers at Mailly, Sissonne and Mourmelon, with longer, more demanding control phases, in more rustic conditions.

The objective is to be able to engage in the entire spectrum of confrontations: from operations of the same type as those the Army has been experiencing for three decades, made more likely and fueled by competition between powers and various influence maneuvers; to the most dangerous major engagement.

This Letter to the Editor describes the centrality of operational readiness at all levels of the Army, from individual morale building to corps command post training. In particular, you will discover a presentation of the Orion exercise, a major event of the year 2023.

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