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The Army is the army of the territories, serving the territories

Au contact letter n° 51

Medieval, revolutionary, Napoleonic, in the trenches, during the Liberation or today in the professional world, the Army has always maintained an embodied relationship with our territories. Throughout the centuries, the sons and daughters of France, originating from all its regions, have mobilized and have been united by arms in order to defend the "land of the fathers", our Homeland.
The Army is the army of the territories. The figures reveal a close link, which has stood the test of time. Today, the Army is present in 80 departments through 550 establishments. 25% of its personnel are posted in rural communities.
The Army is a concentrate of France. The 15,000 young people who decide to join our ranks come from all departments, including overseas, and from the most diverse social backgrounds. To meet this desire to serve, a tremendous asset for our country, the Army is committed to enhancing the merits of its soldiers and offering them professional prospects and opportunities for advancement. The integration of these young people is the human strength of the Army and nourishes the spirit of defense of our country.
The Army is at the service of the territories. It participates in the daily security of the French people. If the commitment of our active and reserve soldiers, within the framework of Operation Sentinelle, is emblematic, the Army is ready to intervene at any time and in any place, as was the case in 2020, after the passage of storm Alex.
For its first edition of 2022, La Lettre Au Contact invites you to discover this anchoring of the Army in the territories.
At the dawn of this new year, I send you my most sincere wishes for success and fulfillment.
Happy New Year!
Army General Pierre Schill