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Dear friends in the Army,

My previous letter referred to the commitment of the Army during the health crisis in our country. This new issue is an opportunity to discuss the Army's Strategic Vision for the coming decade.

The current pandemic has neither stopped crises nor reduced tensions around the world, far from it.
A simple overview of international news shows that the wind continues to blow on multiple hotbeds of instability. What will tomorrow's conflicts be like? I do not know. One thing I do know, however, is that they will be tough and will plunge us into high intensity.

With these words, I am not thinking of the great battles of the Second World War, times have changed.
But uncertainty and the use of force remain. The war is invading new spaces, especially immaterial ones. Cyber-warfare, manipulation of opinions, etc. More than ever, moral forces prevail. They are the ones that will give real added value to the high-tech equipment that is or will be in use.

These various observations have determined me to develop a Strategic Vision called Operational Superiority 2030. This sets the course that I am setting for all the men and women who make up the Army. This course is an ambition that I will develop in the following pages: that France has a hardened Army, ready to face the harshest shocks and capable of winning the decision.

General Thierry Burkhard