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The warrior spirit: renewing the social role of the army 3/3

Operational commitment
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Renewing the social role of the Army

This development of the warrior spirit can be seen according to a prolong-term processto cultivate the Army lifestyle, highlighting its Sundaymoral values, share it within society.

Warming up: Army way of life

The first step lies in the individual appropriation of a a specific military lifestyle.

Indeed, the exorbitant nature of warfare requires a state of mind that is specific to the military state.The exorbitant nature of war requires a state of mind whose military specificity deserves to be stressed. It is competition is also found in sport, the economy and the economy.or politics. But war is precisely the prolongation of the war.the latter by the ultimate means.[32]. The lives there are at stake make more use of a "winningspirit"that to one"fighting spirit». This reality makes the military state a lifestyle in its own right. It cannot be reduced to a vision of the primitive warrior. On the contrary, it obliges us to create in permathe conditions for victory, both by action and by the reflection, at any point in your career and in any unit. or rank. In addition, the role of the individual deserves attention. particular. This is also true in an organization where the mass is a factor of operational superiority[33]. In effect, «all success is, in the beginning, the work of enterprising women individualities»[34] and in particular those of managers[35]. At This individual appropriation of the warrior spirit repressed in the past has beena real challenge for the training, as some of the provisions of thetions are only felt at their peak. This is why the operational courses in troop corps play a crucial rolecial in its development. Nevertheless, it is far too late in surgery to find out. The primary responsibility therefore refers largely to initial training. It must allow managers to integrate, deep down inside them-itself, this that are the individual and collective, physical and intellectual springs that areof reading, competition and victory. They are the preThe first relay inside and outside the institution.

The inseparable ethical framework

The culture of healing as a way of life requires an ethical framework structuring all the more strongly.

In fact, collective representations are full of images negative associated with the figure of the warrior from the battle of Algiers to the hecatomb of the Empire through the Nivelle offensive. It is therefore essential that this protagonist of the action is forges a powerful moral reference in line with the community from which it derives its legitimacy. That's the whole point of the horn.ethical standards developed by the army around the "Albinder of meaning and force»[36]. This framework offers first of all a personal protection for the fighter to limit burns of the soul on the ember fields of battle. The weight of the confrontation with extreme violence, the death of the camaThe enemy's position is already heavy enough, without adding the possibility of a dilemma on the legitimacy ofe action. Second, this shared moral framework represents a brake ...against the collective impulses of the warring factions. On the one hand, it is important for any leader to know at what price a battle cannot be won, failing to lead to a strategic defeat[37].On the other hand, conscious of the price of blood, the warrior's experience is preexperience of the warrior is invaluable in shaping the political decision[38] of commitment. Finally, this moral framework represents a spur to cultivate the existential collective values of a society[39].

Sharing the warrior spirit in society

Finally, society's demand for strengthening thes valuesas the warrior spirit meets the tactical needs of theArmy. It confers on the latter a virtuous, original andexploitablesocial role.

Indeed, there is a convergence between the tactical need of the armyarmy's tactical need to be able to respond to a high level of commitment.tensity, the dispositions of the generation"millennia"and the solutions envisaged to strengthen Nation's resilience, such as Universal National Service. It follows from this con-joins an increased need in the social role of the military. If this trend is generally in line with a French specificity.marked by Marshal Lyautey, it stands out from the rest. nevertheless on several points. Firstly, the volume of the armye of Earth no longer allows it to touch an entire classage, even without any operational commitment, this which would otherwise be tantamount to depriving itself of precious deposits...of warrior spirit. Therefore, the spread of the latter requires this time the implementation of an indirect strategy. and of interdepartmental relays. Second, cyclical demand is more about the fighting essence of the weapons than in Marshal Lyautey's vision.[40]it's-à-say on military specificity. This is an opportunity to con-to trivialize, promote the heroism of the soldier by oppovictimization and communicate on issues of discrimination.issues. This does not preclude enriching the warrior spirit through contact other competitor profilesmen, women, the public, private, foreigners.

The Army has certainly no longer been confronted with the violence of mass warfare for several decades. However.., she has nurtured a valuable warrior's spirit and recognizedthrough its traditions and tactical commitments in the field.hundred. It has been forged in a framework of technological that needs to be more integrated. Above all, it largely shaped at the subtactical levels directly at the contact with the enemy, due to the specificities of the environment.restricted.

In view of the resurgence of the high-flying combat hypothesis, the intensity, this capital needs to be developed to support--ter intensity and duration. In addition, the sociology of youth demonstrates a real opportunity to cultivate the morales. It would be all the more serious to miss this opportunity... that the fragility of national cohesion makes France more vulnerable to hybrid threats.

Such an ambition requires, first of all, the cultivation of a mode of specific life within the institution. Its assimilation and its control make it inseparable from its structuring ethical framework. This situation opens up a new ethical framework.The new page on the role of the military in society, in absence from which any tactical victory is likely to prove futile.

«Courage is something that is organized, that lives and dies, which must be maintained like guns", according to André Malraux. This duty is not specifically dedicated to the Army of Terrebonne-but the scars left on theinstitution by the strange defeat of 1940 show that it would be guilty of not doing enough .

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Title : The warrior spirit: renewing the social role of the army 3/3
Author (s) : le chef de bataillon Erwin BRUDER de l’Ecole de Guerre-Terre