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The youth policy of the Army

Au contact letter n° 49

Youth is the future of our Nation, an asset for our country, the strength of the Army. It would probably be more appropriate to talk about youths, because if we look at them closely, they are of different ages, from teenagers to young adults; they come from a wide range of social backgrounds; they obviously come from all over metropolitan and overseas France; they have extremely varied talents. This diversity is its richness.

At the heart of the third project supported by the Strategic Vision, the Army has to accomplish a noble and double mission: to contribute to the education of youth to the challenges of Defence and also to provide them with answers. To answer to the simple curious or to those who would wonder about a possible commitment to join our ranks. Noble missions, beautiful ambition. Indeed, the challenge is to strengthen the cohesion and resilience of the Nation.

Based on the experience and values of the "land", the various measures put in place by our youth policy aim at five objectives, the "5i". To interest in Defence issues, to encourage teenagers to go further in their knowledge of the Army, to offer them an initiation, i.e. to confront their theoretical approach with reality thanks to internships or military periods, and finally to integrate young adults, by offering them to live with us for a few months, in order to possibly acquire a first professional experience. All this contributes to impregnate the youth with our values.

As in combat, in the accomplishment of this interministerial mission, action is collective and the Army works in particular alongside the Ministries of National Education, Youth and Sports, Higher Education, Research and Innovation, Agriculture and Food, Labour, etc. Fruitful partnerships to meet the expectations of our young people.

This 49th issue of Au contact offers you the opportunity to discover the many actions that seek to interest, encourage, initiate, integrate and impregnate our youth.

The Army in contact with the youth!