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✅ Appropriation of innovationPublished on 24/02/2019
Le Lieutenant-colonel Philippe Paul
✅ France and Belgium: towards a common doctrinePublished on 23/02/2019
Le Commandant Frédéric Thiry
✅ The centrality of experimentation in the process of doctrinal explorationPublished on 22/02/2019
Le Colonel Sébastien de Peyret
✅ The national territory: a renewed doctrinal corpusPublished on 21/02/2019
Lieutenant-colonel Nathalie Papp
⚡️ The notion of decoy: a historical perspectivePublished on 21/02/2019
le lieutenant-colonel Georges Housset
⚡️ Introduction to Tactical Surprise and SafetyPublished on 19/02/2019
le chef de bataillon Jérôme Breton
⚡️ BRENNUS 4 - N°3Published on 19/02/2019
Général de division Pascal FACON
✅ Editorial of the new Land Forces Doctrine ReviewPublished on 18/02/2019
le Général de division Pascal FACON
✅ Words and war. Around the book Le Soldat XXe-XXIe siècle (The Soldier of the Twenty-first Century) Published on 13/02/2019
Monsieur David Dominé-Cohn
✅ Public-private relations in the space sector Published on 08/02/2019
le Chef de bataillon Jean-Hugues DELHUMEAU