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1940-1945: Brittany, a privileged field of action for special forcesPublished on 11/07/2020
le Chef d’escadron (R) Erwan COTARD
1814 French Campaign: How a series of tactical victories lead to strategic defeatPublished on 08/07/2020
le Commandant Alain MESSAGER, prix de la Fondation Maréchal LECLERC de HAUTECLOQUE
The decisive role of logistics in Na San: the action of Colonel GillesPublished on 07/07/2020
le Commandant Pierre-Antoine PY
The memory that fades: 1873, a lasting crisisPublished on 06/07/2020
Madame le professeur Françoise THIBAULT
French intelligence services during the Great War Published on 05/07/2020
le lieutenant-colonel Olivier LAHAIE
1914: War of the Peoples and Sacred UnionPublished on 04/07/2020
le Général d’armée (2S) Pierre de PERCIN-NORTHUMBERLAND
Urban planning and urban areas by 2035: main characteristicsPublished on 03/07/2020
Monsieur Julien LEPRINCE
Fox or lion? Are we worthy descendants of the Marshal of Villars?Published on 03/07/2020
le Chef d’escadrons Sylvain BENARD
Should we teach Sun Tzu to the military?Published on 01/07/2020
le Chef de bataillon Yann COUDERC
The vulnerability of the modern soldierPublished on 30/06/2020
le Chef de bataillon Pierre-Antoine SIMON