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What ethics of new technologies in warfare?Published on 26/06/2020
le Chef de bataillon Xavier DUBREUIL
Civilian versus military schooling: is military education "higher"?Published on 25/06/2020
le Chef d’escadrons Marc BONNET
Forward-looking reflections on the operational superiority factor Mass Published on 24/06/2020
Pôle Etudes et Prospective (CDEC/PEP)
"Who dares to win? »Published on 23/06/2020
le Chef d’escadrons Bertrand DIAS
The use of UAVs in the field of logistics: a potential to be exploited ...Published on 22/06/2020
Commandant Yann PANAGET
Review and outlook for Operation BarkhanePublished on 22/06/2020
Mme Florence Parly, ministre des armées
KOREA: back to the futurePublished on 21/06/2020
Colonel Benoit de LA RUELLE
How to act as a project accelerator?Published on 20/06/2020
Commission de la défense nationale et des forces armées
The Lion and the Tiger: The Commander-in-Chief's Relationship to Political PowerPublished on 19/06/2020
Monsieur Matthieu MEISSONNIER
Characteristics to be met by future ground-based systems to ensure operational superiorityPublished on 18/06/2020
le Lieutenant-colonel André HENKEL