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"To arms citizens!": war and finance, politics and sovereignty...Published on 27/02/2018
le Lieutenant-colonel Christophe de LIGNIVILLE
Preparing the soldier for today's conflictsPublished on 22/02/2018
le Chef de bataillon NOBEL
Democratic Transition in IraqPublished on 21/02/2018
le Chef de bataillon TRÉGUIER
Autonomous machines, towards the end of the war as a human enterprise?Published on 20/02/2018
Commandant WILD
The Islamic State, or Jihad 2.0Published on 05/02/2018
le Chef de bataillon Stéphane SIMON
The challenges of infovalorisation: What information systems for tomorrow?Published on 11/01/2018
le Chef de bataillon Franck DUCHEMIN, le Commandant Jérôme CHEYPPE, le Commandant Jean-François CAVERNE et Monsieur Olivier MON
Army Reforms since 1970Published on 14/12/2017
Chef d’escadron Matthieu DEBAS
The "Engineering" training of trainees at the Higher School of War in the inter-war periodPublished on 13/12/2017
Lieutenant-colonel Alain PETITJEAN
The Army collections in the defence museumsPublished on 12/12/2017
le Chef de bataillon Aude PIERNAS
Regional integration in post-Soviet Central AsiaPublished on 10/12/2017
le Chef de bataillon GRARD