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Iran’s Burgeoning Strategic ForcesPublié le 23/03/2018

American Foreign Policy Council
Ian Williams

Among the Islamic Republic of Iran’s central strategic goals are the preservation of its political regime and its ascension to what it views as its rightful place as the regional hegemon of the Middle East. These objectives have put Iran on an adversarial footing with its immediate neighbors, and with much of the international community.

Northrop Grumman & Orbital AtkPublié le 22/03/2018

M&A Analisys

Northrop Grumman’s acquisition of Orbital ATK is one of many strategic investments being made by industry that will reshape the competitive landscape of the defense industrial base. Orbital ATK offers Northrop access to platforms, which provides full integration capabilities in high growth segments. The first two segments, Guided Missiles and Space Vehicles, are critical to strategies for developing offsetting capabilities in the next highly contested domain space. The third segment, Munitions, is a source of steady cash flow.

Missile Defense 2020Publié le 15/03/2018

Next Steps for Defending the Homeland
Thomas Karako, Ian Williams, Wes Rumbaugh

Information for this study was compiled using a wide review of publicly available material on homeland missile defense issues. In particular, presentations from Department of Defense and Missile Defense Agency officials, and annual reports of the Director of Operational Test and Evaluation,  were preferred when discrepancies emerged between sources. The study team also conducted extensive interviews and visited Fort Greely, Alaska.

Distributed DefensePublié le 14/03/2018

New Operational Concepts for Integrated Air and Missile Defense
Thomas Karako & Wes Rumbaugh

 After Integration, What?

A new problem has arisen: the prospect of conflict with near-peer adversaries who have spent two de cades  going to school on the American way of war. Although a conversation is now  under way about how to adapt the U.S. military to this new strategic environment, air and missile defense (AMD) forces have been all too absent from that conversation. Against near-peer threats,  today’s AMD force is unfortunately far too susceptible to suppression. One avenue for transformation is with new and more imaginative operational concepts. More distributed AMD operations would improve their flexibility and resilience and in turn strengthen the broader joint force.

SOCOM commander: Armed ISIS drones were 2016’s 'most daunting problem'Publié le 17/05/2017

By: David B. Larter, May 16, 2017 (Photo Credit: Staff Sgt. Alex Manne/Army)
David B. Larter

TAMPA, Fla. — Islamic State group militants used armed, commercially available drones to bedevil U.S. and coalition forces fighting in Mosul in 2016, a vexing problem that the four-star head of U.S. Special Operations Command said was the “most daunting” threat his operators faced on the battlefield last year.   

Will There Be A “Great Raid” Into Syria ?Publié le 25/02/2017

Small Wars Journal
Gary Anderson

If CNN sources are correct, Pentagon officials are contemplating advising the president to send conventional ground troops to Syria. There are some good reasons to do that ; but if we do, it should be a short and decisive intervention with a clear goal. We don’t need another long-term occupation of another Muslim dominated country.