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Land Warfare School


The Land Warfare School (EdG-T) is part of the historical continuity of the Ecole Supérieure de Guerre (ESG), created in 1876, then of the Cours Supérieur d'Etaff (CSEM). It is the essential crucible for the Army's commissioned officers, a centre of reference and excellence in the training and selection of senior military officers.

Modalities of directed instruction

  • The EdG-T provides education leading to the technical certificate of higher military education. The EdG-T includes a "professional training", "military thinking" and "open-mindedness" dimension and is based on an innovative pedagogy linking responsibility and confrontation to train future decision-makers along three major lines:
    • Expertise in land engagement environments;
    • design and conduct of ground and near-ground operations;
    • design and construction of the land combat tool (organic, capability, preparation of FT).

  • The studies combine general and operational education, thus providing a better understanding of the current and future commitments of the Army, on the national territory, in the regions identified by the strategic review, from the component command level to the battle group level, under national command or in coalition.

  • The knowledge is provided to trainee officers by combining classroom instruction with sandwich courses.

Reference texts :

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Specific teaching Earth
Specific teaching Earth

Earth Specific Education (EST)

Higher military education at the secondary level for officers admitted to the war school now includes specific army education.

Aimed at officers who, for the most part, have held predominantly operational posts, the aim of STE is to master the use of the land component in its operational environment (from the tactical to the tactico-operational level).

In particular, it aims to provide officers with a better knowledge of joint, combined and interdepartmental procedures, taking care, on the one hand, to avoid any redundancy with the teaching given in the common core curriculum and, on the other hand, to promote the practice of operational English. Once this goal has been achieved, the trainees will be able to understand from the outset the role and functioning of the operational and strategic levels covered during the joint modules of the core curriculum.

The general objectives are as follows:

  • To understand the set of principles governing the command of land operations today, both in a national and Allied (NATO) context;
  • to know and be able to implement in a complex operational environment all the operational functions of the land component;
  • master the method and procedures for planning a land campaign applied within the tactico-operational level land headquarters;
  • master the method and procedures for designing and conducting operations implemented by the CPs of the large land tactical units (BIA).