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Under the direction of the Deputy General and in permanent liaison with the cabinet of the CEMAT and the EMAT, the mission of the French Army's Outreach Division is to boost and support outreach actions in accordance with the operational guidelines decided by the Chief of the French Army Staff.

Roles of the Army Radiation Cluster (PRAT)

For the benefit of the CEMAT, the French Army's radiation pole:
  • maintains and develops the network necessary to promote the image and values of the Army;
  • Develops, implements or supports the creation of outreach tools intended for a targeted audience of decision-makers, making them understand the specificity and needs of the French Army;
  • maintains a special link with the G2S;
  • maintains synergies with the EMS2 in order to benefit from the support of certain active and reserve trainees for the benefit of outreach.

For the benefit of the local levels, the Armed Forces Outreach Unit :
  • produces and distributes lighting and comprehension elements to the Army's internal relays;
  • Designs, produces and distributes outreach tools made available to Army executives so that they can in turn help target audiences understand the reality of their army's issues;
  • federates and guides the actions of the Army's executives in contact with the nation's elites (symposia, conferences, publications, think tanks, universities, etc.) according to the Army's areas of effort;
  • accompanies and supports outreach actions in Paris and the territories.

At the orders of the Deputy General, Delegate for Outreach, the head of the Army Outreach Unit:
  • proposes the outreach policy;
  • liaises with the cabinet of the CEMAT, the EMAT, the French Army organizations, the directorates and services;
  • presents and promotes the strategic lines of outreach within the French Army, in the joint forces and in civil society;
  • advises the General in charge of the Army's outreach;
  • directs the actions of the Armed Forces Outreach Centre.