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Higher School for Special Reserve Staff Officers

History of the College of Reserve Officers Staff Specialists

The Higher School for Staff Specialist Reserve Officers, a doubly singular school :

  • specific to France, it is the only school "dedicated" exclusively to the training of reserve staff officers;

  • a special birth: while the École supérieure de guerre had just been founded by drawing lessons from the defeat of 1870, in 1882 the reserve commander MARIOTTI submitted a report on the role of officers as a "complement" to the staff service.

In1898, he formulated a project and created an "initiative committee"; in October 1899, 150 officers volunteered to improve their skills and created an association, the ORSEM Meeting, with a training council.

In 1900, the Ministry of War transformed the Réunion course into a training school.

In 1911, the Training School was attached to the École Supérieure de Guerre and moved to the Military School.

In 1920, the Training School was renamed the École nationale de perfectionnement des officiers de réserve du service d'état personnel.

In 1948, the Training School became the Training Centre for the EMRSOs. It cooperates closely with the Staff School, to which it has been linked since 1946.

In 1951, the Centre became the ORSEM National School.

In 1952, ENORSEM was directly subordinate to the GSS. It lost the "s" of service and became ENORSEM.

In 1958, new name. ENOREM becomes the École supérieure des officiers de réserve spécialistes d'état-major (ESORSEM). An insignia specific to the School is created with the motto "They learn to serve better".


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