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✅ Borders and border areas in sub-Saharan Africa: impossible to control? 2/2Published on 10/03/2020
le Capitaine de réserve Antonin Tisseron
✅ Borders and border areas in sub-Saharan Africa: an impossible control? 1/2Published on 09/03/2020
le Capitaine de réserve Antonin Tisseron
From the DeputyPublished on 05/03/2020
le Chef d’escadron Alexandre BADIN
Army Museums: Military Identity in QuestionPublished on 04/03/2020
le Chef de bataillon Bertrand PHILIP de LABORIE
The "core business" trapPublished on 03/03/2020
le Chef de bataillon Thomas LANUSSE-CAZALE
A path to victoryPublished on 02/03/2020
Colonel Christophe de LAJUDIE
The universal service and the social role of the officer. Do we still have to read Lyautey?Published on 27/02/2020
Monsieur Matthieu Meissonnier
Learning to think about young officers in the 21st century: what can we learn from Foch's pedagogical principles?Published on 24/02/2020
le Colonel Fabrice CLÉE
BoldnessPublished on 21/02/2020
Lieutenant-colonel Emmanuel DUBOIS
In 2035, will the leader in combat be a leader of men or a connected manager?Published on 19/02/2020
le Chef de bataillon Sebastien PISTRE, le Capitaine François-Xavier LAMBIN-BERNOT et le Captain Bernhard KIRCHNER