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Marshal Lyautey in the service of FrancePublished on 18/02/2020
le Colonel (er) Pierre GEOFFROY
From the foundation of moral forcesPublished on 15/02/2020
le Chef d’escadrons Evrard GUÉRIN
⚡️ Military influence to create surprise on a transparent battlefield?Published on 14/02/2020
le chef de bataillon Vincent Mariel
Transnistria: last battle of the Red Army, first engagement of the Russian armyPublished on 13/02/2020
Monsieur Corentin Curtenelle
⚡️ " Innovate, re-innovate "Published on 10/02/2020
M. Ivan Gavriloff
A short history of the relationship between armies and new technologies Published on 09/02/2020
Lieutenant-colonel Georges Housset, du pôle études et prospective
✅ From China...Published on 08/02/2020
Madame le Professeur Françoise THIBAUT
Lyautey, a real colonial?Published on 06/02/2020
Madame Julie d’ANDURAIN
Why would the war be more complex today than it was yesterday?Published on 30/01/2020
le Chef d’escadron Stéphane JAY
✅ Networked Command Systems in Tomorrow's WarfarePublished on 29/01/2020
Le chef d'escadron Stéphane JAY