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From the pontifical zouaves to the "volunteers of the west", the mutation of a motley and inexperienced corps into an elite trooPublished on 29/12/2018
Monsieur Laurent GRUAZ
Relevance of the divisional system from BourcetPublished on 28/12/2018
Chef d’escadron François PIUSSAN et le Commandant Cyril GALLAND
LEAN, an inescapable state of mind, especially in the terrestrial MCOPublished on 28/12/2018
Capitaine (TA) Gilles HYVERNAULT
Omani security forces: a pillar of the national renaissancePublished on 27/12/2018
Chef de bataillon Thomas GRASSER
The British Army in 2016Published on 27/12/2018
Colonel Antoine de LOUSTAL
Mata Hari, or the fatal banter...Published on 24/12/2018
Lieutenant-colonel Olivier LAHAIE
Kazakhstan: mirage or reality of a new Eldorado?Published on 22/12/2018
le Capitaine Patrick MARNIER
⚡️ Teaching the warrior spirit to a future operational leaderPublished on 22/12/2018
Lieutenant-Colonel Jérome Clée
The technological evolution of communications technology for the benefit of command links in land operations since the PremPublished on 21/12/2018
Chefs de bataillon Cyrille LACROIX et Guillaume LEVASSEUR
⚡️ Alain Mimoun, being the best to serve FrancePublished on 21/12/2018
par Madame Clara Durovray, du pôle études et prospective