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The sense of fairnessPublished on 21/12/2018
publication arméee de terre
The use of reserves in the Army since 1947Published on 20/12/2018
Chefs de bataillon Vivien BUREU et Guillaume NICLOUX, le Major André CORNELIUS et le Commandante Luis Alonso SANCHEZ
⚡️ Lanrezac and the warrior spiritPublished on 20/12/2018
par le lieutenant-colonel Aubry, de l'École de Guerre-Terre
France's participation in the development of foreign land forces since decolonizationPublished on 19/12/2018
chefs de bataillon MOROT et PUPPO
⚡️ Warrior spirit and "culture of war" during World War IPublished on 19/12/2018
Pr. Audoin-Rouzeau
AvailabilityPublished on 19/12/2018
publication arméee de terre
The new conditions of operationsPublished on 18/12/2018
⚡️ The French officer corps came out of the Great War all grown up?Published on 18/12/2018
par le lieutenant-colonel Georges Housset, du pôle études et prospective
The brotherhood of armsPublished on 18/12/2018
publication arméee de terre
⚡️ La furia francese: representations, limits and realities or why the French army keeps a bayonet on the HK416Published on 17/12/2018
par le colonel Fabrice Clée, chef du pôle études et prospective