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From Pontifical Zouaves to "Volunteers of the West"Published on 06/12/2017
Monsieur Laurent GRUAZ
Bundeswehr LogisticsPublished on 01/12/2017
le Chef d’escadron Coralie FELBLINGER
Terrorist groups in LibyaPublished on 21/11/2017
le Capitaine (TA) Thomas VARNIER
Military robotics, challenges and prospects for the Earth's military. What are the changes in the art of conducting a hePublished on 20/11/2017
Chef de bataillon (TA) Jean-Loïc LAUDY, le chef de bataillon F. BELLANGER, le capitaine (TA) de FRANCE
Towards a cybernetic deterrent?Published on 20/11/2017
le Chef d’escadron PRETEUX
Technological developments and modern operationsPublished on 16/11/2017
Général de corps d’armée Francis AUTRAN
Hezbollah's risky gamble in SyriaPublished on 08/11/2017
Chef de bataillon BIED-CHARRETON
From the autonomous mobile group of the Indochina War to today's Joint Battle GroupPublished on 08/11/2017
Chefs d’escadron Aymeric ABILLARD et Sébastien BURETTE
Welcome to the "Chleuhs"! Published on 08/11/2017
Colonel Philippe SEIGNEUR
The U.S. Army's Strategic Vision for Robots and Autonomous SystemsPublished on 07/11/2017
Colonel Thierry CASANOVA