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Future European defence Published on 11/08/2019

a complement to NATO rather than a substitute - G2S File No. 24
Général (2S) Dominique TRINQUAND

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is celebrating the 70th anniversary of its creation this year. Created in 1949 after the victory over the Nazi regime and at a time when the Iron Curtain was coming down in Europe, NATO had the great merit of linking the two sides of the Atlantic.NATO had the great merit of linking the two sides of the Atlantic with a treaty that was missing at the outbreak of the two World Wars and of defeating the Soviet regime without a fight after 50 years of Cold War.

Defending him alone?Published on 10/08/2019

G2S File No. 24

For GDI (2S) Vincent DESPORTES, NATO, as we know it, is living its last years. Taken individually, no country, including France, has the means to ensure its defence in all areas on its own. There is therefore an urgent need to build a defence of Europe with those countries that share our vision of the issues at stake.

EU ARMYPublished on 09/08/2019

The need for defence cooperation within Europe - G2S File No. 24
GCA (2S) Philippe PONTIÈS

As pointed out by LAG (2S) Philippe PONTIÈS, this cooperation remains fragile and limited, in particular due to the differences in our different national policies and their democratic deadlines.

Promoting and building an autonomous European defencePublished on 08/08/2019

Europe and Defence - G2S Dossier No. 24
Général (2S) Jacques FAVIN LÉVÊQUE

General (2S) Jacques FAVIN LÉVÊQUE evokes the possible avenues and actions, in the short and longer term.

It's on the NATO "corpse"...Published on 07/08/2019

que doit se bâtir une défense de l'Europe / Europe et Défense - Dossier G2S n° 24
GA (2S) Jean COT

According to the GA (2S) Jean COT, which sees it as a federation of States united in their diversity. He calls for us to finally give ourselves the means of this defence, otherwise we are condemned to erase ourselves.

European Defence EmbryoPublished on 06/08/2019

from national defence to European defence... / Europe and Defence - G2S File No. 24

Let's go back to 2019 and examine with the GCA (2S) Jean-Paul PERRUCHE how our embryo of European defence has gradually been built up in a process that obviously must not be satisfied with the level currently achieved.

How can command post training evolve?Published on 10/07/2019

Land Forces Doctrine Review
Chef de bataillon Jean-Baptiste BLANDENET

In this article, we will try to imagine a picture of PC training in the 21st century. The paths we are taking, in the form of three ideas, are utopian, but are intended to clarify the outlines of tomorrow's training, to stimulate reflection, and to glimpse the options that are open to the Army.

Training Command Posts for the 21st CenturyPublished on 08/07/2019

Land Forces Doctrine Review
Chef de bataillon Jean-Baptiste BLANDENET

The CITADEL GUIBERT 18 exercise made it possible, in March 2018, to train and certify the command post system69 of the 1st SCORPION Division, the heir unit of the 1st Armoured Division which distinguished itself in the French campaign in 1944. But what relationship could there be between the Command Post (CP), light of the 1st DB, which jumped from the Mediterranean to the Vosges in a few weeks, and the training of GUIBERT's CP, which included up to two thousand people and one hundred and fifty shelters at the height of the exercise?

(Re)learning maintenancePublished on 07/07/2019

Land Forces Doctrine Review
Lieutenant-colonel Jean-Hugues FRIEDERICH, École de Guerre-Terre, stagiaire de la 132e promotion

On 22 November 2018, one of CEMAT's first messages, General Jean-Pierre Bosser, on his Twitter account opened the previous month, closed the historic logistics symposium in Bourges: "Logistics is one of the most essential parts of the art of warfare. Its purpose is always to provide the forces involved with the means, resources and services essential to their functioning and action. »

Entering the SCORPION culture first and taking the initiative 2/2Published on 06/07/2019

Land Forces Doctrine Review
Chef d’escadron Olivier LEDUC, École de Guerre-Terre, stagiaire de la 132e promotion

Another model of command, inspired by command by objectives and allowing a different development of initiative, is that of the German army, the Bundeswehr. This philosophy of command, corresponding to a genuine culture of war whose origins are mainly attributed to Helmut von Moltke, is named the Auftragstaktik44. The objective of this command philosophy is both to allow initiative and to impose it on the subordinate. The subordinate "can and must show initiative.