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In this month of July, the letter In Touch reminds us that man is the Army's main asset. Recruitment, training, healing, retention and care for our wounded and our families are some of the major challenges that we must constantly take up.

Forging the warrior spirit is the major objective of the training of our men to win in combat. First and foremost, through battlefield training. The Army, in its training schools as well as in its regiments, must accustom the soldier to become physically and morally hardened to face perilous circumstances. Tactical commanders must then understand a complex universe and learn to make decisions in the face of uncertainty. This is the vocation of the young Earth War College, which is now coming of age. Then through high technology: if warfighting forges the soldier's mind, high technology multiplies the senses and abilities of the soldier. Finally, through traditions. It is by participating in the existence of a community that retains the glories of its past that the soldier finds meaning in his actions. I therefore invite you to read "At the Sources of the Warrior Spirit", just published, distributed in the major formations and available on the Internet. Produced by the French Army, this book offers the basis for a reflection on esprit de corps and traditions.

Taking care of our wounded is then a growing challenge as our commitments in operations become tougher. I am pleased to see how well our wounded were cared for on 22 June last, on the occasion of the 3rd National Army Wounded Day. At present, nearly 1,100 physical and psychological wounded are being accompanied daily, step by step, on their way to reconstruction. A lot has been done in recent years, but other fine projects remain to be built.

Opening up the Army to our society is finally a necessity to build this essential bond of trust with the Nation. To do this, we must always welcome the friends of the Army who give their time and energy to help us. I am thinking in particular of the beautiful human community that is the Citizen Reserve, whose 20th anniversary we celebrated in June and whose foundations have given rise to high-quality work.

In a few days, I will complete a 40-year marathon in the service of my country. Thank you for being by our side and for helping us to build a courageous and self-confident army that is ready to take on many more challenges.

General Jean-Pierre Bosser