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The Army in Overseas and overseas

Au contact letter n° 52

Au contact letter n° 53

Dear friends of the Army,

In addition to being a strategic asset, the French Overseas Territories are also a land of special contact with young people. Particularly willing to commit themselves, young people from overseas represent 10% of the Army's recruitment each year. In addition, the adapted military service regiments are highly solicited with a view to successful professional integration. However, the overseas territories are subject to pressure from foreign powers that seek to restrict our sovereignty over these areas, to capture their material wealth and could eventually threaten them. The protection of our national territory, our populations and our interests is the primary mission of our armies.
Moreover, the strategic function of "prevention" is at the heart of France's defence policy and does not only aim at preserving stability in "fragile" zones, where risks linked to the weakness of States in the exercise of their sovereignty emerge. In a context of exacerbated competition between powers, manoeuvring in this "strategic space" of prevention and influence is therefore essential to preserve the legitimacy of our country's actions.
The land forces pre-positioned overseas and abroad are true "forward sentinels", offering an intervention and partnership capability, which is essential to create the initial conditions for the resolution of a crisis, whatever its nature.
France can thus count on the soldiers of the Army deployed in eleven overseas and foreign locations. In August 2021, the projection of a command and protection element from the 5th cuirassiers regiment pre-positioned in the United Arab Emirates contributed to the success of the evacuation operation of Afghan nationals and civilians called "Apagan".

In the following pages, the Letter to the Editor n°53 invites you to appreciate the extent and diversity of France's overseas and foreign land forces.

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