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About two years ago, the Army was embarking on a surge of power unprecedented in its recent history. This letter is an opportunity to provide an interim assessment of the situation.

The "Au Contact" model, designed in 2015 and implemented in 2016, is now in its adjustment and finalization phase. The battle of the workforce has been won. We must salute the exceptional commitment of our recruiters, but also of our youth, both in the active and reserve forces, to do their part in protecting our country. The relaunch of joint training is effective. It has halted the erosion of operational capital caused by the over-employment of the land task force.

However, many challenges remain ahead of us. Foremost among them, capability modernisation is now my priority, in order to equip our soldiers with equipment adapted to the level of requirements of today's combat. Furthermore, it is imperative to reinforce the dynamic undertaken in terms of training, so that the Army can regain its level of operational readiness. Finally, we must consolidate our human resources, both in terms of skills and loyalty. For if the operational efficiency of the French Army is based on increasingly sophisticated and high-performance weapons, its wealth and foundation is the soldier.

As I mentioned earlier, the year 2017 holds high stakes for the French Army. The work of the Strategic Defence and Security Review is beginning. They will provide the framework for the upcoming military programming law. We are therefore entering a decisive period.

In the Sahel, in the Levant, in Eastern Europe or on national territory, the Army is at the forefront. I know I can count on your commitment to support it. Together, we must continue to show boldness and determination to stay the course, to win and to convince!

Army General Jean-Pierre BOSSER